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    on August 1, 2021

    Perrector brevilimbatus (Hupé, 1953)

    - Almost complete internal mould; fully articulated exoskeleton, slightly folded backward from the macropleural spines (11 thoracic segment)
    - Amouslek Formation, Daguinaspis Zone, Tazemmourt section
    - 3,7 x 3,9 cm
    - Cephalic main structures (glabella and eye ridges) eroded, exception made to the right eye ridge, well visible
    - Terrace lines clearly visible on both genals spines and in all the extension of the anterior border
    - Well conserved thoracic segments, with some small triangular thoracic spines visible on both sides, but especially on the right one
    - Thorax with slightly secondarily mineralized cuticle (partly exfoliated) between S2 and S10
    - Fulcral processes distinctly observable on the majority of left thoracic segments
    - Left macropleural spine absent, right one clearly visible
    - Shield-shaped pygidium visible on its left side


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