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    on August 16, 2019

    Walliserops hammi Fossil Trilobite. Devonian. Jbel Gara el Zguilma, Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

    Restoration details: No restoration. 100% natural.

    Please be aware than this is a moult, obviously not perfect. Also, as a result of extraction works, four right thoracic spines are missing, like some tiny exoskeleton spines in the same area (see pictures). This doesn't withdraw any value to it, as we are in presence of a very rare species, that any good Devonian trilobites collection should contain and that the rest of it is totally natural and suffered no restoration.

    This is, for sure, one of the most beloved trilobites from Morocco, from the, also mythical, Foum Zguid mountains. Extremely rare, very difficult to extract (also because working at Foum Zguid quarries is now conditioned for military reasons) and very difficult to prepare. This species shows great eyes facets (> 90% in each eye).

    Dimensions - Specimen: 4,5 x 2,4 cm; Matrix: 5,3 x 3,7 cm.

    Finding locality: Jbel Gara el Zuilma, Foum Zguid area, Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

    Taxonomy - Species: Walliserops hammi; Family: Acastidea; Order: Phacopida; Class: Trilobita.

    Geological Period: Devonian, from Paleozoic Era.

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