on November 4, 2018

    Beautiful Leonaspis sp. Fossil Trilobite. Flying Display. Devonian. Oufaten. Morocco.

    Restoration details: Residual - Half of the big thoracic spine was reconstructed.

    Presented is a beautiful Leonaspis sp. trilobite from the Moroccan Devonian strata with residual restoration. The freestanding "flying" display of all the thin spines is a laborious and very skilled work of dozens (sometimes hundreds) of laboratory hours, under the microscope, just accessible to very few people in all the world.

    Dimensions: Specimen: 2,8 x 2,9 cm; Matrix: 8,5 x 7,4 cm.

    Finding location: Oufaten, Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

    Taxonomy - Species: Leonaspis sp. Family: Odontopleuridae. Order: Lichida. Class: Trilobita.

    Geological Period: Devonian, from Paleozoic Era.

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