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    on August 16, 2019

    Ceratarges aries freestanding secondary spines Fossil 3D Trilobite. Unique display! Devonian. Zireg, Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

    Restoration details: Residual - Some spines were glue after being broken during the extraction process or at the laboratory. This is absolutely normal. Some missing exoskeleton small cracks (due to extraction) were also restored.

    This is one of the "must-have" species in any spiny Devonian trilobites collection. With its alien-looking and in addition to the freestanding display here presented, this is a rarely offered trilobite. The species has been recently described (Van Viersen, A. & Prescher, H., 2011) and it is one of the rarest species of Morocco. This specimen, in particular, it is very well detailed, a magnificent specimen.

    Zireg quarry was closed for military reasons, as it stays at the border. So, fossils from there will be scarce in the next years.

    The genus, sensus lato, (Ceratarges sp.) if very often badly prepared or partially faked. This one is first class prepared with the most advanced laboratory techniques (release of the matrix using air scribes and micro sandblasters).

    Otherwise, it is frequent to see online offers of Ceratarges armatus when a Ceratages exhibits secondary spines. That species is not described to Morocco. it's a frequent seller's ignorance about Moroccan trilobites or a selling strategy (the word "armatus" sells better). Also, secondary spines can be present in several species. It depends on the mineralization quality of the spines, on their size and on the preparator skills the possibility to display them.

    Our second-to-none freestanding displayed trilobites are a product from careful and laborious very skilled work of dozens (sometimes hundreds) of laboratory hours, just accessible to very few people in all the world.

    Dimensions: Specimen: 4,8 x 4,0 cm; Matrix: 10,0 x 9,3 cm.

    Weight: 278 g.

    Finding locatity: Jbel Zireg, Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

    Taxonomy - Species: Ceratarges aries; Family: Lichidae. Order: Lichida. Class: Trilobita.

    Geological Period: Devonian, from Paleozoic Era.

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