on May 22, 2020

    Weight: 2.5 kg
    Dimension: See scale bar (10 cm) on photo _01
    Identification: Ceratites dorsoplanus (Philippi, 1901)
    Locality: Quarry near Dettelbach, Franconia, northern Bavaria, Germany
    Lithostratigraphy: Meißner Formation, Upper Muschelkalk
    Biostratigraphy: Ceratites nodosus Zone, mo3
    Age: Ladinian, Middle Triassic

    Picture _01: Complete specimen of Ceratites dorsoplanus (Philippi, 1901), a late morphotype with a narrow conch, phragmocon with large living chamber preserved
    Picture _02: Close-up of the phragmocone with nice equally spaced sutures
    Picture _03: Detail showing incomplete infilling of the two latest chambers of the phragmocone
    Picture _04: Reverse side representing the face that was lying upward
    Picture _05: Oblique view to the narrow external side
    Picture _06: Oblique view to the narrow external side
    Picture _07: Detail of blique view to the external side illustrating typical ceratitic sutures


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