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    on March 26, 2022

    Restoration details: No reconstructions in this specimen, but the usual residual repairs in cracks at the exoskeleton (especially on the spines) and the matrix, resulting from the quarrying work.

    Dimensions: Specimen: 4,4 (sag. as the specimen is partially enrolled) x 4,4 cm; Matrix: 13 x 9,3 cm.

    Finding locality: Jbel Oufaten, Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco.


    Species: Comura bultynchi; Family: Acastidae; Order: Phacopida; Class: Trilobita.

    Geological period: Devonian, from Paleozoic Era.


    Presented is one beautiful museum-grade preparation of this beloved trilobite species from Morocco.

    Amazing display, with all thoracic, pygidial and cephalic spines prepared individually. The eyes are both perfect and give a special personality to the specimen. The spines suffered a bit during extraction from the hard rock, as usual. Nevertheless, we didn't restore any of those spines.

    It is rare to find this species prepared with such detail like this specimen, as it takes hundreds of hours of laboratory work and very few people have the skills to do it.

    Note the special perfection of the eyes, showing >95% of the individual ocella.

    This Astonishing Spiny Comura Fossil Trilobite is a rare, elegant, dramatic example of one of the beloved Devonian trilobites from Morocco and truly deserves a special place in any collection or museum.

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