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    on April 7, 2021

    Resserops falloti (Hupé, 1953) + Daguinaspis ambroggii (Hupé & Abadie, 1950) cranidium, from Tazemmourt Section, Daguinaspis Zone, on Tazemmourt Cambrian Laggerstaten.

    The identification of Pygidia and their attribution to genera and species poses a problem among the Resserops clade. A confident taxonomic identification of this sclerite is a priori only possible if the pygidium is attached to a complete or nearly complete dorsal exoskeleton. Such specimens are known mostly from large specimens which are easily detected and/or collector's items (A critical evaluation of the Resserops clade (Trilobita:Despujolsiidae, early Cambrian) with remarks on related redlichiacean families - Geyer, G., 2020).

    Presented is a slab with:
    - A lucky split of part and counterpart of Rasserops falloti, just missing the right macropleural spine;
    - Complete librigenae showing terrace lines;
    - 14 thoracic segments, left macropleural well-developed segment, far behind the end of the pygidium and slightly curved toward it (better observed with oblique light);
    - 7 rings on rachis plus terminal axial piece;
    - 1 Daguinaspis ambroggii cranidium, among disperse Resserops imature cranidia and incomplete Resserops librigenae;
    - 2 adult Resserops falloti incomplete cranidia without glabella.

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